Pest Control

We are experts in dealing with pigeon, corvid and fox problems.

Falconry is an ancient art form, which has been brought into the modern era and can be used to provide an environmentally-friendly form of bird pest control.

This form of bird control is a greener, more environmentally-friendly way of clearing problematic birds and has become more common in recent years, proving popular with businesses such as airports, shopping centres, stadiums and waste disposal facilities - in fact anywhere nuisance birds are a problem.

We use a variety of methods for bird control, which can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. This includes distress callers and flying numerous hawks and falcons as a deterrent.

We are happy to survey your premises and to discuss providing a service tailored to your requirements.

We are confident we can help to resolve your pest problem as effectively as possible and will provide you with a competitive quote.

For more information, please visit our pest control site at

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